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Static Var Generator

Principle of SVG

Static var generator (SVG) directly connects the self-commutation bridge circuit in parallel to the power grid through electric reactor, andproperly regulates the phase position and amplitude of the output voltage at the AC side of the bridge circuit, or directly controls the currentof the AC side, to make the circuit to generate a reactive current meeting the requirements, for dynamic reactive compensation.

To compensate the reactive power of the system (total capacitive ~otal inductive);
to filter a specific order of harmonics (lower than 13th order); to solve three-phase imbalance

Features of SVG products

Maximum unit capacity
– maximum compensation capacity per unit of 400 V system is 500 kvar,
– maximum compensation capacity per unit of 600 V system is 1,000 kvar;

Best compensation effect
– the power factor can be up to over 0.99, with linear output;

Minimal floor area of products
– the volume is half that of conventional compensation equipment under the same compensation capacity;

Diversified compensation modes
– performing reactive compensation, split-phase compensation, and harmonics filter at the same time;

Most diverse modes
– modular SVG is of flexible combination, possible to be fitted up as a whole or
wall-mounted; the complete machine of non-modular type SVG has a minimal floor area.

  • Flexible compensation modes:
    ① Compensate reactive power of the load;
    ② Filter out 13th harmonics or less
  • Solve three-phase imbalance caused by reactive power.
  • Response time ≤ 5 ms, LInear compensation.
  • A full automatic detection runs during the whole compensation process, and should it be restarted, self-diagnosis will function; then
  • after the fault is removed, it will be automatically put into use.
  • A user-friendly human-machine interface is configured as it is simple to operate, either remotely controlled or locally controlled, largely
  • reducing labor cost, and the system's real-time power quaLIty information (voltage/current waveforms, active power, reactive power,
  • apparent power, power factor, harmonics, etc.) is shown on this display interface.
  • The modular heat radiating fan utiLIzes a unique control mode, reaLIzing step-less speed regulation, and it will automatically adjust the
  • rotating speed of fan as the capacity output of the equipment, with low noise and low loss.
  • Modular products are of 25 kvar/50 kvar/100 kvar, possible to be combined with TSC or APF flexibly into mixed compensation devices.
  • They are products of low cost and multi purposes.
  • For the purpose of extension, at most 10 APFs can be connected in parallel.
  • The world advanced power component IGBT is used, which has large power density and high reLIabiLIty.
  • Digital control system with DSP high-speed measurement and computation is used.
  • Monitoring and display systems have remote communication interfaces, real-time monitoring is achieved via PC machines.
  • With a long service LIfe, the average failure-free rate is greater than or equal to 120,000 hours.
  • A standard modular design is employed for a shorter deLIvery cycle, higher service reLIabiLIty and maintainabiLIty.

Parameters of SVG products



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