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Research & Development System

By adhering to the customer-oriented research and development concept, the company provides the customers with the products and services with high quality and high performance-price ratio. Based on the management method of integrated product development (IPD), the company uses a two-stage research and development system, wherein the product research and development and the development of technology are jointly completed by the business department and professional technical department. Particularly, the professional technical department focuses on the innovation and breakthrough of core technology, concerns the long-term R & D strategy, and provides the various business departments with platform-level technologies and shared modules, and the business department focus on product development and customization projects, the discovery of new market demands, and the product research and development based on the current technological innovations.

According to the segmentation of product market and the different specialization of work, the company totally sets 6 production departments and 6 professional technical departments. The products and technologies of the company relate to the products and industrial application solutions of intermediate frequency static variable power supply, industrial DC power supply, power quality control, photovoltaic inverter, smart micro-grids and other aspects. At present, the 6 professional technical departments respectively focus on the research and technology application development of power conversion technology, control technology, monitoring technology, product test, product structure, product process and other aspects.

At present, the number of full-time professional research and development personnel is more than 40% of the total number of employees, including 2 professor level senior engineers, 3 doctors, and 20 masters.

The company has built 1200m2 research and development laboratory , power supply test station, power quality test station, photovoltaic inverter test station and general test center, so as to provide the research and development and the pilot p with good conditions.

In the research and development project, the company introduced IPD, implemented the product development management of the full process and all elements, implemented PLM system and ERP system, and established a comprehensive information platform. The company was considered as Shaanxi power quality engineering research center in 2012, the technical center of the company was considered as the municipal enterprise technology center of Xi'an in 2010, and the joint power electronic laboratory was established together with Xi'an Jiaotong University PEREC..

The research and development of the company focuses high-performance and high-frequency power electronic power converter and control equipment thereof. In recent years, the company concentrated the talents and materials for the key research projects, reached a relative breakthrough in high-performance inverter power supply waveform control technology, high precision digital control technology, parallel control technology, large capacity AC power supply multiple technology, redundant technology and the like, realized domestic leading technology, and presented a certain technical advantages by comparing with industrial competitors. The core technology with independent intellectual property of the company includes power electronics circuit topological structure, system simulation analysis technology, large-capacity IGBT power conversion technology, fluctuation dynamic tracking control technology, power supply parallel redundancy control technology, grid access control technology, dynamic harmonic detection and control technology, high-precision digital control technology, thermal design and installation process technology of inverter, electromagnetic compatibility technology power electronic equipment, etc. Moreover, the company had undertaken the compilation of several national and industrial standards, such as the national standards Rated Voltages for Medium Frequency Equipment, Distributed Power Supply and Distribution Network Interconnection Standards, the industrial standards of civil aviation, i.e. Ground Static Variable Power Supply of Aircraft, the industrial standards of energy, i.e. Integrated Compensation Device of Low-voltage Dynamic Reactive Harmonic, the industrial standards of machinery, i.e. Low-voltage Active Power Filter, Low-voltage Station Reactive Power Generator, Two-way Conversion Equipment of Energy Storage Power Station, etc.



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