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Corporate Culture
Corporate Mission

Clean power, Green earth .

Dedicate to the efficient conversion and effective use of electric energy, so as to enhance the value of electric energy and help the realization of green environmental protection.

Corporate Vision

Intelligently made in China, go to the world.

Become a first-class product manufacturer, solution provider and industry leader in the field of power conversion and control.
Become the evergreen enterprise with sustainable, stable and harmonious development and international competitiveness.



Core Value

Action, concentration, quality, and win-win.

Action: pragmatic, frankly, steady, continuous improvement, and pursuit of excellence
Concentration: Concentration makes profession, distractions, professional development, and become an expert
Quality: Regards quality as life, pay attention to details, pursuit of perfection, continuous accumulation, and make the "intelligently made in China" to the world.
Win-win: symbiotic, success sharing, harmonious development, all-win situation.


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